03/03/2016 Nos 144-154

Colour: blue

Location: my garden, blown over from the house next door (or further?)

Town: Shrewsbury

Time: 11.35am

Condition: excellent, still complete, with string attached. I have no idea as to how or why so many balloons floated into my garden all at once.

Balloons Nos 144-154

Balloons Nos 144-154

Addendum: I later found out that these balloons could possibly have come from a funeral that was held six days previously about five miles away in another part of Shrewsbury.

Are they the same balloons?

Are they the same balloons?

Someone from that funeral recognised them in my photo which I posted to a facebook group for people who live in Shrewsbury to share local news and stories. There are a number of odd things about the arrival of my blue balloons. Firstly, if they were from this funeral, those balloons were seen to drift off in a different direction to where my house is. Secondly, they all arrived singularly, one by one, like rain drops, at the same time. Thirdly, ten balloons arrived and it is my son’s tenth birthday (he thought that they were for him). Finally, after staying in a huddle by the back door for most of the day, the balloons inexplicably disappeared at approx. 6.30pm. They didn’t burst. They just vanished. There was no wind to speak off and they had clumped together by the door so there would have needed to be quite a gust to lift them all up and over the fence. The mystery remains.

The balloons once they'd settled

The balloons once they’d settled

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